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Division Zero is a RP based on the Bleach series.
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PostSubject: Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD   Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD I_icon_minitimeTue May 15, 2012 4:00 am

While the main details will not be released, I have decided to allow my general idea for an arc to become public.

As the title of the thread indicates, the new event will focus on gladitorial combat. There are many concerns about the details about how this will work, but if you enjoy combat then this would be one of the best ways to do so. Here is a list of these concerns

1) How to make the events exciting without the possibility character death. It would still be logical not have combatants die since, well, empty arena and no more games.
2) What sort of motivations or rewards would be required in order for players interested in entering their characters into such combat.
3) A requirement of a boatload of shinigami, hollow, viazard, quincy, arrancar, monsters, etc. NPCs that can die, with a lot of variety.
4) Making a "love to hate" bad ass overpowered Champion of the Arena, with such ridiculous power at his fingertips to pose a serious threat to anyone.
5) Choosing musical scores for epic events

Whatever you can add to the list of concerns is appreciated.

As for rewards, was thinking about "charged items" and of course, great prestiege. wishlists for items can be posted here too. While items that synergize with your character's powers won't be as easy to get, we still want to have sweet loot to satisfy cravings before earning a 'grand prize' great enough to make you jizz.

With love,
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PostSubject: Re: Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD   Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 6:01 am

moving things from Arc Planning since at least one person has indicated interest. next post is rough draft of Master of the Arena


What if there are people so incredibly naive, that they think they could control fights? I'm talking of course, about a secret Arena far away from civilization, whether heaven, hell, or on earth. strong and motivated individuals are found and chosen. Observers go out in secret and discreetly give magic stones, that upon activation, transport the subject to the Arena to fight solo or fight on a team, and are also used as a return ticket.

Rper's would be free to
1) nominate their character to fight in the arena
2) design gladiator rogue shinigami and roleplay them
3) design hollow enemies and roleplay them
4) help manage risk/reward balances as well as determine win/lose consequences.

idea is pretty rough. suggestions again are welcome.

Observers would aim to look for people who they easily see as people interested in all the things that an Arena life can provide, or those that can be easily abducted.(but paradoxically, it should remain RP'er option to allow/disallow character engagement in the Arena). As for any leader of other factions finding out, I hope I can design everything so trying to shut it down would be more than a trivial enterprise. Also, invitations will have to be troll like in nature. If someone other than the recipient tries to use it, for example, stone explodes or something)


“Welcome, to the Arena!”

It’s rumoured there is no other place in the universe more carnal and vicious. It does not hold any special name; it’s the only Arena famous in the barren wasteland desert of Las Noches. No grand champion has yet to emerge from the bloodshed, but the lust for bloodshed dominates the minds of the patrons. They are runaway rogue shinigami, vaizard arrencar, fullbringers, quincy, etc, who have become accustomed to the hospitality of the arena, well fed by the meat, bread, and liquor imported from the outside world.

[dimensions might need work]
The Arena itself had been built up from the skeletal remains of a once gargantuan Menos beast, rumoured to have been slain by the Arena Master himself. Dimensions of the oval shaped coliseum structure naturally conform to the approximate dimensions of the fallen beast’s total height and width of the ribcage, approximately 200 x 150 meters respectively covering about 6 (2 by 3) acres, with height about 50 meters, made out of black marble/stone. The height of the pit wall is about 15-20 feet. The outside of the arena has been outfitted with the skull of the fallen beast as part of the main entrance, as well as having an uncountable amount of black quill-like spikes jettisoning chaotically to resemble the most famous attribute of the fallen creature.

Inside of the Arena is even more awe inspiring, inspired by an intrinsic magic as if peering into the fallen Menos’ violent torn soul. 60 to 80 rows of spectator seats all around the perimeter of the coliseum are illuminated with a dim non-interfering magical light, while down by the pit is fully illuminated, allowing for the beauty of the perpetual night sky to aid in the spectacle. At the ‘feet of the beast’ there is a staircase that leads up from the underground (to hold slaves, competitors, and non-hollow beasts) and portcullis, where ‘pit dogs’ emerge from to enter the pit. At the ‘head of the beast’, in a heart wrenchingly contrasting manner, is the massive ornately decorated Monster Gate pillars, towering in size compared to the portcullis gate, maximum distance apart. On one side about the length of the oval is, of course, the illustrious Throne platform, complete with all the necessary novelty, including ornate designs, velvet drapes, thematic torches, a set of gold painted red cushioned seats, and finally a half-giant throne made out of polished smooth ivory with multiple spikes along the top and carved in such a way it looks like a pile of bones.

In addition, there are safety features – for the spectators. The pit wall is for elevation and novelty. All around the perimeter of the coliseum pit walls and atop the highest reaches of the coliseum itself are large sharply pointed, rune inscribed, nearly indestructible obelisks. The obelisks are used to provide a nearly transparent, extremely powerful force-field which domes over the pit to allow for a reasonable height for aerial combat. The obelisks can also be quickly weaponized to fire destructive red cero-like rays of doom, powerful enough to vaporize a regular hollow or humanoid, while speculated to seriously injure a mythic menos type before searing it to death. To prevent extensive digging exploits by either pit dogs or hollows, there is a solid concrete foundation under about 20 feet of sand and underground flamethrowers. The Monster Gate is under the control of the powerful conjuration magic of the Arena Master, so no unwanted intruder can enter (allegedly), so if there is a problem, it becomes limited. If something still goes out of hand, however, numerous specially trained security guards can directly interfere with handling the fight and/or the crowd.

Whether it be fame, fortune, wealth, power, thrills, or freedom, then you can find it here at the Arena!
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PostSubject: Re: Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD   Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 6:02 am

[WIP; feel free to edit/change anything in this profile. I don't mind making this a collectively made / roleplayed character.]

Name: Kaibara Jurobei
Age: appears over 65, true age unknown
Gender: Male

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

Height:175 cm
Weight:145 lb
Hair Colour/Style: Greyish white
Over-All Appearance:
Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD 994455

Your true potential.
Race: Fullbringer

FullBring Item: Runesword
FullBring Power:
Rune Affinity - Jurobei has the power to use runes to imprint items with to imbue them with special abilities. His own Runesword is an exception, for it can be imbued with more than one rune at a time, with a maximum of five. These special abilities are on the same level as shikai-type abilities or lesser. (which are his main five powers? Hmm)

Awakened Power: Breaker – This is Jurobei’s ultimate. On cast (with an epic double finger gun point), he can cause any rune he made to explode, dealing burst damage. If he chooses the runes of his sword, he gains a massive burst of speed and spiritual power for each rune lost. It’s useful for when people decide it would be a good idea to rely on the weapons he imbued for them.

In addition, when in the awakened appearance, he can fire red cero blasts that sunder natural armor.

Awakened Appearence: Gunblade

Activate Arena Obelisks: At will, Jurobei can remotely activate any number of the giant runic obelisks that line atop the arena and on top of the arena walls to emit forcefields (the usual forcefield creating a ‘bubble’ above the arena ground to prevent fleeing) and to fire bright red destructive cero rays of doom. The commands follow commands like “sweep arc” and “burst fire”

Activate Monster Gate: Between the pillars of the Arena, Jurobei can summon a silky energy barrier which plucks creatures like hollows from their natural environment, or from remote holding cells for more specialized fights.

Dominus Vitae: At the consent of the subject, they can subdue themselves to a brief ritual. Afterwards, if they would suffer a fatal wound from combat in the arena, they are instead instantly teleported to different location. In this location, it is much more difficult to access their spirit energy.

Are we all the same...?

Likes: wine, women, but most of all satisfying his unquenchable ego and bloodlust when it comes to organizing Arena events
Dislikes: killjoys, schemers, people with too rigid of a moral code
Hobbies: calligraphy, rune inscribing, organizing Arena events, collecting rare species of hollows, reading
Over-All Personality:

Jurobei is a bloodthirsty megalomaniac with a morbid fascination with combat and death. In public, he is charismatic, boisterous, and generous, and although he treats his subjects well, he does not value their wellbeing or life in general. Primarily, he keeps the favor of his subjects to assure himself that he is of great importance; deep down he’s insecure and insane. It is because of this that he tends to react disproportionately at times in fits of rage, even when the trespasses would be considered trivial by others. He isn’t normally willing to listen to reason unless it conforms to his own views and will not hesitate to kill a threat or punish a dissenter. Subjects eventually learned when and how to approach and talk with him for their own safety. On the other hand, Jurobei is unapologetic and crosses the line a lot when it comes to moral or personal issues.

Just another story...

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PostSubject: Re: Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD   Gladiator Arena SUGGESTION THREAD I_icon_minitime

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